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What is your refund policy?

Refunds can be applied for and are automatically processed through eventbrite up to 7 days before the event


Apologies, but we don’t process refunds any closer to the event than that  as we book staff, hire equipment and plan the event for the numbers that buy the tickets. Our events do not sell many tickets in the last few days so it is hard for us to resell them at this stage.


What can I do if an event is sold out / will there be any tickets on the door?

You can try your luck on the door and as long as there are some no-shows then we'll get you in but I'm afraid we can't promise anything. 


I can’t find my ticket? 

Please try logging into your eventbrite account and your tickets should be there. Please note you may have signed up via google, apple or a secondary email address so please check those too. Sometimes the ticket can also go to spam. 


If you have checked those things and still can't find the ticket. Please email us with:


  • Your full name

  • Date of the event

  • Name of the event

  • City

Will this event be live-streamed? 

Click here to see a list of all of our upcoming online events! We cannot accept individual requests to live stream specific events as this costs us hundreds of pounds to do in staffing and equipment. 


Where is the recording?

All of our online event & course recordings are emailed out the next working day and are available for two weeks. Please make sure to check the email account associated with the eventbrite account you used to buy your ticket, and check your spam. 


If it’s the next day and you still haven’t received the recording, please also bear with us as we are a small team, we will send it out as soon as we can.


How long are recorded events available for?

Most  of our recorded events will be available to view for 2 weeks after the event.

For our 6 week courses, recordings will be available for 6 weeks after the final recording is sent out.


Can I transfer my ticket? 

As long as you get in contact more than 7 days before the event, we’re more than happy to transfer your ticket. Please email and let us know the number of tickets you purchased and what type of ticket it was. Then let us know the date, title and location of the talk you'd like to go to and we’ll get that sorted for you! 

When does the event start and end? 

Timings can be found on the main event page where you bought your ticket. The end time stated on the event is a guide, since it depends on how active the Q&A section is! 

Do you offer carer’s tickets? 

We do offer free tickets to carer's so once you've got yourself a ticket, just email us at to confirm the date, title and location of the talk you’re going to, as well as the carer's name so we can add them to the guest list. 

If you do have any specific seating requirements, please include that too so we can get that prepared for you! 

Does the venue have accessibility? 

This will be venue specific so please get in touch with them directly through their website. 


Is this an 18+ event? 

Our talks themselves aren’t 18+ however many of the venues we used are licensed premises, so whether a minor is allowed in is at the discretion of the venue themselves. If you're not sure it's best to get in touch with them! 


Can I arrive late? 

We advise arriving early to get a good seat but if you are running late we will still let you in! Please note it won’t always be possible to get a seat at an event if you turn up late. 

What is the difference between the ticket types? 

The majority of our tickets give access to unreserved seating, except for VIP tickets which give access to a reserved area at the front of the venue.  Tickets for 2 offer entry for 2 people at a reduced cost. 


Is the seating reserved? 

If you have a VIP ticket you have access to a reserved area at the front of the venue, all other tickets are for unreserved seating. 

Will I be able to buy food & drink at the venue? 

This will be venue specific so please get in touch with them directly! 


Are pets allowed? 

Unless they are support animals, please do not bring them to the event. 


How can I get in touch after the event to share feedback and ideas? 

Please feel free to share feedback using this link! 


How do I keep up-to-date with upcoming events? 

The best way to do this is to follow us on instagram @seedtalks and subscribe to our newsletter from our website


Where can I buy Seed Talks merchandise? 

You can find this on our website here


Do you have Seed Talks gift cards? 

Yes,  you can purchase a gift card here

Are you active in other cities? Can you schedule a talk in my city?

Yes! We have events all across the UK, head to our website to see all of our active cities. We do our best to bring all our talks to every town and city we are active in, but cannot guarantee that we will for any specific talk. Organising events in the current economic climate is hard so we can only do events where we have a viable audience!


Can I get a CPD certificate for attending your talks?

Though our events do count as CPD, we don't currently offer any certificates. Perhaps you could use your ticket as proof of attendance.

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