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Our Seed Talks cover a range of topics, from the science of drugs to multiverses. 

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An introductory talk on classic psychedelics and modern research into their mental health applications.

The Science of Dreams.jpg

The science of dreams

NHS Psychiatrist & Mental Health researcher Dr Jonathan Iliff talks about the science of dreams and what happens to our brains while we sleep.

The Science of Microdosing.jpg

The science of microdosing

Delve into the science behind this newly popular movement in psychedelics.

The Science of Drugs.jpg

The science of Drugs

NHS Psychiatrist & Mental Health researcher Dr Jonathan Iliff talks about the science of drugs such as cocaine and MDMA.

Psychedelics & Mental Health.jpg

Psychedelics & Mental Health: Are They The Future of Treatment

NHS Psychiatrist & Mental Health researcher Dr Jonathan Iliff talks about the future of psychedelic therapy.


adhd and women: misunderstood, misdiagnosed & moving forward for change

Dr Samantha Hiew talks all about ADHD & women in this enlightening talk.

A Stoic Philosophers Guide to Happiness.jpg

A Stoic Philosophers Guide to Happiness

Learn how to apply Stoicism to modern day living for a happy and fulfilling life.

The science of the multiverse - seed talks.png

The science of multiverse

A deep dive on the science behind the multiverse and hidden worlds.

Neuroscience of Creativity.jpg

The Neuroscience of Creativity

A lecture on the neuroscience of creativity and how our brain can create art in all forms.

The Science of DMT and Ayahuasca.png

The science of DMT & Ayahuasca

A lecture on the amazonian ayahausca brew, which contains the powerful psychedelic DMT.

The Psychology of Love.jpg

The Psychology of Love

Therapist and relationship consultant Dr Kathrine Bejanyan talks about the psychology behind relationships.


is monogamy dead? an exploration of modern relationships

Award winning comedian, broadcaster and author Rosie Wilby talks about monogamy and modern relationships.

The Science of Sleep.jpg

The Neuroscience of Sleep

A deep dive into the neuroscience of sleep and how to form healthy sleeping habits.

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THE science of autism

An introductory talk on autism - from the neuroscience, symptoms, sensory differences and much more...

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THE Science of magic mushrooms

A deep dive on psilocybin and its potential for use in treatment resistant depression.

Neuroscience of Love.jpg

The Neurosicence of Love

Anthropologist Dr Anna Machin talks about the neurochemicals involved in relationships and attachment.

How the Mind Heals the Body.jpg

How The Mind Heals The Body

Learn about the connection between the mind and the body and the healing power of our mind.

The Science of ADHD.jpg

The Science of ADHD

Learn all about the science behind neurodivergency and ADHD and how to navigate in neurotypical world.

MDMA Assisted Therapy.jpg

MDMA Assisted Therapy

Dr Ben Sessa talks about the science and benefits behind MDMA assisted therapy.

Quantum Physics for Beginners.jpg

Quantum Physics For Beginners

Dr Michael Brooks talks all about atoms, Schrödinger's cat, parrallel universes and more in this introductory talk.


the science of breathwork

Learn all about the science of breathing, how it can improve your life and reduce stress & anxiety.

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